Working for America's
Strategic Interests

Dr. Chester Wilson

More than just research. Dr. Wilson and his team of researchers, operating in conjunction with Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, are passionate about creating market-ready technologies that strengthen America's national defense. Whether it's developing alternative fuel sources to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil or making our military's weapons resistant to enemy tampering, Dr. Wilson's team strives to generate advanced yet practical solutions to protect America's strategic interests.

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Areas of research for Dr. Wilson's team range from radiation detection to diesel from biomasses, from anti-tamper technologies to rocket bullets. Learn more…

Meet Dr. Wilson's Team

Dr. Wilson's team is made up of a dozen talented researchers and is the largest research team in the nation to be made up exclusively of American nationals. Meet the team…

Small Times Magazine

About Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech was ranked #3 in the nation in Nanotechnology Education and ranks #10 in Commercialization, according to a listing by Small Times Magazine. The Institute for Micromanufacturing (IFM) at Louisiana Tech boasts a full class 100 cleanroom facility, 18 staff, 32 affiliated faculty, and more than $24 million in current funding. With a primary emphasis on commercializable technologies, IFM continues to be a leader in the field of nanotechnology.


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